MecklenburgV Series



MecklenburgV was a modified map originally made by the Rickler.  I did not make the original, I just modified it based from Mecklenburg_Final.  I originally started the MecklenburgV series as a custom build map for HWRP’s sister server, X-Factor.  X-factor was a very popular TSRP server back a few years ago.  The original MecklenburgV series was started off by Terminator 2, the owner of X-factor, by forming a mapping team in the idea of making a custom build for the server.  I joined the team when HWRP lost their server. I basically took over development and the other mappers stopped mapping.  Originally the map was named MecklenburgVXF I decided to rename it when I released it to MecklenburgV_(Version) as my own build.

The first build that was released was MecklenburgV3_B1 back in June 20, 2006.

Mecklenburg V3 B1

Past then, the map went through several phases from shifting from x-Factor to HWRP, adding and subtracting changes as the community saw fit. The final version I compiled and released was MecklenburgV Snow.  The last version planned was Rain.  Rain was considered my Mecklenburg_Final as I replaced tons of things in it and redid several areas.  The map was also retextured because it was a derivative of v_Snow.  Rain will not see the light of public TSRP any time soon because I stopped development on it. My main reason for stopping development was the current plugin-whore  state of TSRP and I didn’t have a server for a public debut. MecklenburgV_Rain debuted under a TSRP reunion lead by Term2.  Currently, the map is released, and open for use. It is not currently open source.

I will not release the source code for any of the MecklenburgV series maps because someone paid for one of the versions (V5A6) to be constructed.  Sorry, but it feels wrong to give it out unless I get permission to do so from the client who paid for it.  If you want to make your own version of Mecklenburg, go and visit the Ricklers website and make your own.

Here is a list of the MecklenburgV Versions I have on file and their changes.  Most of the MecklenburgV versions were made for TS2.1, so keep this in mind.










Mecklenburg Extra Pack


MecklenburgV BasePack (Contains all files for the maps, but not the map itself)

MecklenburgV complete pack(Contains all of the files, including the maps)

MecklenburgV_Final – This isn’t included in the complete pack.