MecklenburgV4_B1 is the 4th map in the MecklenburgV series.  It went live on HWRP on Sunday, July 09, 2006, 11:22:58 PM.

MecklenburgV4_B1 Changelog

/redid some geometry in some areas

+Added mall and took out Warehouse

+Mall contains Mall security, Prodigy storage, bar, Food store, and Furnature store.

+Added Hideout 4

+added donator room

+added street signs



MecklenburgV BasePack (Contains all files for the maps, but not the map itself)

MecklenburgV4_B1 Map file

MecklenburgV4_B1 AMXX plugin by Stevenlafl

MecklenburgV complete pack(Contains all of the files, including the maps)

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