MecklenburgV5_A5 was the fifth map in the MecklenburgV series.  MecklenburgV5A5 went live on the HWRP server on Monday, January 15, 2007, 11:20:46 AM. V5 A5 was my least true mecklenburg done on TS2.1

MecklenburgV5_A5 Changelog

-Took out highway

/moved church and cloned it from project MESA

+Added Gendou’s Deals on Wheels

+Added the ‘white house’

+Perked up map for carmod

/Swaped the Bar and Best Buy

/Redid the Bar (Actually ported from Mesa)

+Added tunnel access to hideout 4

+added office B

+Revamped some geometry

+added office in PD



MecklenburgV BasePack (Contains all files for the maps, but not the map itself)

MecklenburgV5_A5 Map

MecklenburgV complete pack(Contains all of the files, including the maps)

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