MecklenburgV5_A6 was the 6th map in the MecklenburgV Series.  The map was online at Friday, January 19, 2007, 5:34:10 PM on Zackcity.  A6 was a custom build for zackcity, I do not consider it cannon to the MecklenburgV series.  The changes on this map we’re given to me by the community leader of Zackcity of the time, and this was the result.



/ Redid some textures

+Added house from Shaunsville

– Took out Church

+ extra apartment building (Apartment J+I)

-Took out ‘White house’

+Added Liquour store.

+Extended Sewers

+added apartment H



Mecklenburg Base Files Pack (contains all of the files for all MeckV series, but not the maps itself)

MecklenburgV5_A6 Map

MecklenburgV complete pack

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