MecklenburgV3_B2 was the second map in the MecklenburgV series, it contained minor revisions from B1.  It was released on HWRP on Monday, June 26, 2006, 8:38:29 AM

MecklenburgV3B2 Changelog

/Corrected some lighting issues

/retextured some areas

/Redid some areas

+added ‘white room’ in the PD

+Added apartment B and E

+added office in bank

+added boxes and crate by 1337 building

/Replaced Dojo with Nightclub

+added advertisements

/Revised hotel textures

/Replaced 7/11 with wawa

/replaced bar with Best Buy



MecklenburgV BasePack (Contains all files for the maps, but not the map itself)

MecklenburgV3_B2 Map

MecklenburgV complete pack(Contains all of the files, including the maps)


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