Mecklenburg Rain is the 8th map to be released with the MecklenburgV series, the map is currently under halted development out.  Meck_Rain is a derrivative of Mecklenburg_Snow, so all the changes from snow are apparent in Rain.  This map, if it ever gets out, will be the last MecklenburgV Map.

Changelog from Snow

/Flipped map

+added back in more of an office building in place of 1337

+Added Rain

/Changed gunshop

+added alleyways

+Added Sewers

/ Minor bugfixes

-Took out Carshop

+Added Stage and Bar

-Took out Warehouse

MecklenburgV_Rain_Final has been released!  This is the final iteration in the MecklenburgV Series.  I will still not release the source for now.

Changelog from Rain_B8

+Added more rain

/entity bugfixes

+Made map plugin

+Added detailed surfaces

The plugins are only needed for server operators.  Honestly, they arn’t even needed to even run the map.  However, to have all of the features that MecklenburgV_rain has to offer, these plugins are perfect.  The plugins have support for day/night mode, (set automatically/manually), the ability to turn the rain off (with some graphical bugs), the ability to turn the indoor lights and outdoor lights off, the ability to set the brightness of the outside lights, forcing the player to run with detail on, and the ability to toggle the maps fog. Server operators must check MecklenburgV_Rain_Final.cfg in the map directory for further instructions on the map’s Cvars.  The commands for the plugin are as follows:

amx_setlights – <a-z> – Sets the brightness of the outdoor lights, Z – Brightest

amx_togglefog – Toggles gl_fog 1/0 on clients, used for night time effect.

amx_toggleoutdoorlights – Toggles the outdoor lights on/off

amx_toggleday – toggles day and night mode

amx_togglerain – toggles the rain on and off (incl. thunder sound)

amx_toggleindoorlights – toggles the indoor lights on and off



MecklenburgV_RainB8 Full

MecklenburgV_Rain_Final Full

MecklenburgV_Final Plugins (1.0)

MecklenburgV BasePack (Contains all files for the maps, but not the map itself)

MecklenburgV complete pack(Contains all of the files, including the maps)