Mecklenburg Snow was the 7th map released in the MecklenburgV series.  The map was running on X-Factor’s The Specialists 3 server on Sunday, June 10, 2007, 1:10:29 AM. The official ‘final’ version of this map was VsnowA11.  This version was locked to the Xfactor RP server until the server went down.  When XFRP retired, I gave the A9 Version of the map out, leading to how it is today.

Mecklenburg snow in my opinion is the best completed map in the MecklenburgV series.  The map was made to utilize the lighting system of HL1 to allow day/night mode with a mixture of fog.  The day/night system worked flawlessly under custom HarbuV2 plugins.  There is also a light snow due to the particle system in TS3.  MecklenburgV_snow was ment to be the last map in the MecklenburgV series.

Changelog From V5_A5

+Added Snow

+redid all of the outside textures with custom snow versions

+added Courthouse

+added Restaurant

+added Car Garage ‘Volkom Shift’

-Removed ‘1337’ building

-removed nightclub

+added Warehouse

/Changed lighting to ‘Day’ mode

+Added Apartments J and H

+Added second story onto Hospital

-Took out Whitehouse

/Redid office complex

+Major office A + B (Has meeting rooms, cubicles, and personal office)

+Minor office D E G (Private eye type office)

*no office C, but suggested B could be all of 2nd floor

+added hotel rooms E, G, H, J, AA (First level, small rooms, cept AA)

/Redid PD Armory (Larger, contains cabinets )

+Added PD Chief office

+Added PD crimelab

+Added PD office room

/Redid jails to have 1 big holding cell and 2 smaller cells (Keeping Whiteroom)

+added Mysterious underground room

/Redid streetlight system to accommodate AMX plugins

-Took out Crate

+expanded hideout2


More Screenshots


MecklenburgV BasePack (Contains all files for the maps, but not the map itself)

MecklenburgV_snowA9 Map

MecklenburgV complete pack(Contains all of the files, including the maps)

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