Mecklenburg In Hammer

Mecklenburg Unleashed

Today I decided to add in my coding section under the website. I do a fair amount of coding in my spare time, but I also saw it as a chance to release my really old Half-Life 1 maps, this time open source. These maps include the following:

  1. MecklenburgV
  2. Shaunsville
  3. Cerberus
  4. Mesa
  5. Other Various Small Maps

I also made some instructions on building Mecklenburg the way that I did, as well as the binary tools I used at the time to build them. Now, I bet there are far better tools/techniques these days to build really old maps, but maybe you want to build them all messed up like I did till I figured out how to actually bake lights right when it didn’t take me a day to do it.

Have fun looking through the past:

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Ain’t Dead Yet!!

I figure I’d pick up work on Mecklenburg Source again in my spare time. I’ll rename the map to RP_MecklenburgV as the release name since someone ported the map already.

Right now I just have some basic pictures of the Medical Department.

MD-02 MD-03

Now the apartments.


Some more pictures of the interiors of the apartments…


Also, I’ll be making Junes as the mall, so I made the sign. I need to make actual textures for it, but you get the point.


Will be released whenever.  Probably in a very long time.


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Little update on the Website and Woodside Lobby

I’ve already started on doing the interiors of the apartment complex.  You can see here that a proper front desk now exists.  I’m still not sure about adding in what was apartment G.  If I did, I would make it the super’s apartment.  I will be adding a sign and a door.  Also, I’ll be adding an elevator in addition to the staircase.  The painting on the left side is something I did in photoshop a few years back.  I wanted to paint something using a picture my father took on his trip to Europe. I liked this painting so much, I think I have it framed somewhere.  At any rate, it’s framed here.  I wanted to add a bit more charisma to the map by adding in a lot of hanging photos.  To do that, I needed to make a ton of frames.  Here, you can see the process in action. I want the map to have very colorful interiors while the exteriors are very hazy and rainy.


I’ve also updated the site to host the original copy of Mecklenburg_Final and its source code.  I also added a few pages that have all of the maps for TSRP in my maps folder. Uncompressed, it’s around 700mb.  You can check them out over at the maps section of the website.

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Rp_Mecklenburg – Exterior of Woodside Apartments

Another day, another update.  Today, we focus on the exterior of the woodside apartment complex.  Now, this name might be familiar to those who’ve played Silent Hill 2.  I’ve retained the original design of the apartments from Mecklenburg, however, I added a touch of Silent Hill 2. See for yourself.

Now doesn’t it look familiar?

Only the exteriors are done.  I’ll be doing the roof of the complex when I’ve finished the interior.  Tomorrow I’ll be focusing on the interiors.  Also, we’ll be dropping the Alphabetical naming scheme from mecklenburg.  We’ll start to use room 101, 201, 302, ect… This is to reduce confusion with other properties. I’ll probably make models for the signs too! Anyways, stay tuned for updates! I’ll update again when I have some considerable work on the interiors.

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You heard it fellas!  Mecklenburg is getting the source treatment.  The original layout will remain, however much of the map will change.  The entire map is being made ground up. I’m redoing all of the geometry, as well as redoing the textures.  I’ll also be making some models instead of just using HL2/CSS/DOD:S content.


Mecklenburg Police Department Sign (WIP) Since I don’t really like the badge I made, I might be changing it when the time comes. I also might be using a model instead of this.

Today we’re focusing on the PD.  The police station of mecklenburg was one of the most important buildings of the map.  Here, I’ve redone most of the interior, but I tried to keep the original layout as much as I possibly could.  I also made a few new textures to cope with source.  The police station is technically larger than before, however, most of the interior space is spent on decor.  The final police station will have the following features:

  1. Lobby Area including benches, payphones, and lines.
  2. Jail area with 3 cells. 2 of these cells can contain 4 people each.
  3. Interrogation room with one way mirror.
  4. Chief’s office.
  5. Armory
  6. access to rooftop and side alleyway.

Some of you may notice that the back offices and the forensics room is missing from this list.  Right now, they are not part of the design of the PD.  They may be added in later if I can muster enough space while wrestling with the limits of the source engine.  For now, they will remain absent.  These pics are a work in progress, so they may not accurately reflect the final design.


The release of this map won’t happen for another few months.  I hope to get tons of work done before I head back to school.

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MecklenburgV_Final Released

The day is finally here!


+Fixed many graphical and gameplay bugs around the map.

+added cirno’s steakhouse

+Added Steven AF storage

+Added Term Electronics (And a server rack in there)

+All shops now have names instead of generic names

-Bar -> Eden Hall, Chase Bank -> Holo’s Holdings, MCMD -> Scared Heart Medical Center, Mall -> Xfactor Mall

-Wawa-> Wan Wan Wagnaria, Flower shop -> Le Petit Pede, Laundromat -> Penny and the Jets, Gunshop -> Harabec Harms

-Diner-> Vlado’s, Hotel -> Galbadia Hotel, Office Complex -> Mensah Plaza, 1337 building->Fjmaps designs, Church -> Church of saint kilroy

+Numerous banners have been added to the map

+More ambient sounds have been added

-It’s Gendou – Fjmaps saying it.

-Gendou’s Theme song – Soul Education with FJmaps saying, “Oh Baby”

-Wan Wan – OP for Working!!

-Cirno’s Steakhouse – Cirno’s Theme song

-Eden Hall – Bartender BGM

-Galbadia Hotel Theme – Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley Fall theme

-Taleisin Library Theme – Harvest Moon HoLV indoors theme

-Fire sounds for the fire

-Vlado’s Theme – Plush by Stone Temple Pilots

+Gendou’s Deals on Wheels added

/light improvements

/Nightmode no longer has ad patches

/More detail texture support

+Added Shinra power company

-Can turn on/off the lights in the map from there.

+Added new manhole texture

+added Mystery of the Druids back in

+Added test chamber and meeting room in lab

-Removed top portion of the lab

+Expanded sewers a bit

+Most lights and sounds can be toggled on/off in the map

+added police radio back in the map

/fixed reversed textures

+added apartment I from MecklenburgV5A6

-took out armory in apartment C and replaced it with another bed

+added doors to close bank

It’s been a long time, but it’s finally here.  I’ve been lazy, I’ll be honest.

This will be the final version of Mecklenburg, you can check the changelog above for anything that has changed from Vrain Final.  In this version, I’ve included some plugins that are more focused for developers to integrate parts of the map into the plugins.  Some features will never work, like stopping the rain.  Ask the TS dev team about that one. I’ve tried a ton of stuff and I give up.  The current way I have it makes it so that rain particles ghost into the world.  Other than that, the day/night cycle works perfectly.  This map also has support for detailed textures.  Check the included readme about enabling those.

Other than that, I’m glad to see how much feedback and how many changes this map has had over the many years I made it.  Too bad TSRP is pretty much dead now, I kinda doubt people will even notice me posting this.  I’ll be including a video of me running through the map and all of it’s features sometime soon.  I’ll also include any sorta dev comments I have on the map too.  The map will be added to the regular part of the site when I have time to do so.

Anyways, screenshots:

Download MecklenburgV_Final

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MecklenburgV_Rain_Final Released!

MecklenburgV_Rain_Final has been released!  This is the final iteration in the MecklenburgV Series.  I will still not release the source for now.  The source of the plugins can also be used as a framework in other RP mods,  I will not support them though.

Changelog from Rain_B8

+Added more rain

/entity bugfixes

+Made map plugin

+Added detailed surfaces

The plugins are only needed for server operators.  Honestly, they arn’t even needed to even run the map.  However, to have all of the features that MecklenburgV_rain has to offer, these plugins are perfect.  The plugins have support for day/night mode, (set automatically/manually), the ability to turn the rain off (with some graphical bugs), the ability to turn the indoor lights and outdoor lights off, the ability to set the brightness of the outside lights, forcing the player to run with detail on, and the ability to toggle the maps fog. Server operators must check MecklenburgV_Rain_Final.cfg in the map directory for further instructions on the map’s Cvars.  The commands for the plugin are as follows:

amx_setlights – <a-z> – Sets the brightness of the outdoor lights, Z – Brightest

amx_togglefog – Toggles gl_fog 1/0 on clients, used for night time effect.

amx_toggleoutdoorlights – Toggles the outdoor lights on/off

amx_toggleday – toggles day and night mode

amx_togglerain – toggles the rain on and off (incl. thunder sound)

amx_toggleindoorlights – toggles the indoor lights on and off


MecklenburgV_Final Plugins (1.0)

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MecklenburgV_Rain (Final)

This will be my last version of MecklenburgV.  The map has progressed over the years to include many different buildings, many different bugs, and different ambiance.  The MecklenburgV series ends with MecklenburgV Rain.  Because this is the last version, I’ve included a lot of added effects the map should have.  I did not recompile the map from MecklenburgV_RainB9 however.  Recompiling it would have fixed a majority of the issues with the map like funky night time lighting and some out of place brushes. I did fix a few entities that had problems and added a few new songs.  One of the major overhauls is the addition of detailed textures. I’ve included a few images from MecklenburgV_Rain_Final that compares this feature with MecklenburgV_RainB8.

I also made plugins that run under AMXMODX to enable an admin to manage the built in Day/Night mode as well as the Rain.  I’ll post pictures of the map during these modes later.   The plugins and source for them will be released along side with the map.  Anybody from that point could use the source to develop a day/night timer to work with a role-play mod.  The plugin can also recognize MecklenburgV_Snow and utilize it’s day/night mode.  Snow did not have an entity that controls the particles, so it would be impossible for the plugin I wrote to stop the snow in game.

I will probably release the new map and AMXX plugin sometime next week.

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