MecklenburgV_Final Released

The day is finally here!


+Fixed many graphical and gameplay bugs around the map.

+added cirno’s steakhouse

+Added Steven AF storage

+Added Term Electronics (And a server rack in there)

+All shops now have names instead of generic names

-Bar -> Eden Hall, Chase Bank -> Holo’s Holdings, MCMD -> Scared Heart Medical Center, Mall -> Xfactor Mall

-Wawa-> Wan Wan Wagnaria, Flower shop -> Le Petit Pede, Laundromat -> Penny and the Jets, Gunshop -> Harabec Harms

-Diner-> Vlado’s, Hotel -> Galbadia Hotel, Office Complex -> Mensah Plaza, 1337 building->Fjmaps designs, Church -> Church of saint kilroy

+Numerous banners have been added to the map

+More ambient sounds have been added

-It’s Gendou – Fjmaps saying it.

-Gendou’s Theme song – Soul Education with FJmaps saying, “Oh Baby”

-Wan Wan – OP for Working!!

-Cirno’s Steakhouse – Cirno’s Theme song

-Eden Hall – Bartender BGM

-Galbadia Hotel Theme – Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley Fall theme

-Taleisin Library Theme – Harvest Moon HoLV indoors theme

-Fire sounds for the fire

-Vlado’s Theme – Plush by Stone Temple Pilots

+Gendou’s Deals on Wheels added

/light improvements

/Nightmode no longer has ad patches

/More detail texture support

+Added Shinra power company

-Can turn on/off the lights in the map from there.

+Added new manhole texture

+added Mystery of the Druids back in

+Added test chamber and meeting room in lab

-Removed top portion of the lab

+Expanded sewers a bit

+Most lights and sounds can be toggled on/off in the map

+added police radio back in the map

/fixed reversed textures

+added apartment I from MecklenburgV5A6

-took out armory in apartment C and replaced it with another bed

+added doors to close bank

It’s been a long time, but it’s finally here.  I’ve been lazy, I’ll be honest.

This will be the final version of Mecklenburg, you can check the changelog above for anything that has changed from Vrain Final.  In this version, I’ve included some plugins that are more focused for developers to integrate parts of the map into the plugins.  Some features will never work, like stopping the rain.  Ask the TS dev team about that one. I’ve tried a ton of stuff and I give up.  The current way I have it makes it so that rain particles ghost into the world.  Other than that, the day/night cycle works perfectly.  This map also has support for detailed textures.  Check the included readme about enabling those.

Other than that, I’m glad to see how much feedback and how many changes this map has had over the many years I made it.  Too bad TSRP is pretty much dead now, I kinda doubt people will even notice me posting this.  I’ll be including a video of me running through the map and all of it’s features sometime soon.  I’ll also include any sorta dev comments I have on the map too.  The map will be added to the regular part of the site when I have time to do so.

Anyways, screenshots:

Download MecklenburgV_Final

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