You heard it fellas!  Mecklenburg is getting the source treatment.  The original layout will remain, however much of the map will change.  The entire map is being made ground up. I’m redoing all of the geometry, as well as redoing the textures.  I’ll also be making some models instead of just using HL2/CSS/DOD:S content.


Mecklenburg Police Department Sign (WIP) Since I don’t really like the badge I made, I might be changing it when the time comes. I also might be using a model instead of this.

Today we’re focusing on the PD.  The police station of mecklenburg was one of the most important buildings of the map.  Here, I’ve redone most of the interior, but I tried to keep the original layout as much as I possibly could.  I also made a few new textures to cope with source.  The police station is technically larger than before, however, most of the interior space is spent on decor.  The final police station will have the following features:

  1. Lobby Area including benches, payphones, and lines.
  2. Jail area with 3 cells. 2 of these cells can contain 4 people each.
  3. Interrogation room with one way mirror.
  4. Chief’s office.
  5. Armory
  6. access to rooftop and side alleyway.

Some of you may notice that the back offices and the forensics room is missing from this list.  Right now, they are not part of the design of the PD.  They may be added in later if I can muster enough space while wrestling with the limits of the source engine.  For now, they will remain absent.  These pics are a work in progress, so they may not accurately reflect the final design.


The release of this map won’t happen for another few months.  I hope to get tons of work done before I head back to school.

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