Rp_Mecklenburg – Exterior of Woodside Apartments

Another day, another update.  Today, we focus on the exterior of the woodside apartment complex.  Now, this name might be familiar to those who’ve played Silent Hill 2.  I’ve retained the original design of the apartments from Mecklenburg, however, I added a touch of Silent Hill 2. See for yourself.

Now doesn’t it look familiar?

Only the exteriors are done.  I’ll be doing the roof of the complex when I’ve finished the interior.  Tomorrow I’ll be focusing on the interiors.  Also, we’ll be dropping the Alphabetical naming scheme from mecklenburg.  We’ll start to use room 101, 201, 302, ect… This is to reduce confusion with other properties. I’ll probably make models for the signs too! Anyways, stay tuned for updates! I’ll update again when I have some considerable work on the interiors.

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