Little update on the Website and Woodside Lobby

I’ve already started on doing the interiors of the apartment complex.  You can see here that a proper front desk now exists.  I’m still not sure about adding in what was apartment G.  If I did, I would make it the super’s apartment.  I will be adding a sign and a door.  Also, I’ll be adding an elevator in addition to the staircase.  The painting on the left side is something I did in photoshop a few years back.  I wanted to paint something using a picture my father took on his trip to Europe. I liked this painting so much, I think I have it framed somewhere.  At any rate, it’s framed here.  I wanted to add a bit more charisma to the map by adding in a lot of hanging photos.  To do that, I needed to make a ton of frames.  Here, you can see the process in action. I want the map to have very colorful interiors while the exteriors are very hazy and rainy.


I’ve also updated the site to host the original copy of Mecklenburg_Final and its source code.  I also added a few pages that have all of the maps for TSRP in my maps folder. Uncompressed, it’s around 700mb.  You can check them out over at the maps section of the website.

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