MecklenburgV_Rain (Final)

This will be my last version of MecklenburgV.  The map has progressed over the years to include many different buildings, many different bugs, and different ambiance.  The MecklenburgV series ends with MecklenburgV Rain.  Because this is the last version, I’ve included a lot of added effects the map should have.  I did not recompile the map from MecklenburgV_RainB9 however.  Recompiling it would have fixed a majority of the issues with the map like funky night time lighting and some out of place brushes. I did fix a few entities that had problems and added a few new songs.  One of the major overhauls is the addition of detailed textures. I’ve included a few images from MecklenburgV_Rain_Final that compares this feature with MecklenburgV_RainB8.

I also made plugins that run under AMXMODX to enable an admin to manage the built in Day/Night mode as well as the Rain.  I’ll post pictures of the map during these modes later.   The plugins and source for them will be released along side with the map.  Anybody from that point could use the source to develop a day/night timer to work with a role-play mod.  The plugin can also recognize MecklenburgV_Snow and utilize it’s day/night mode.  Snow did not have an entity that controls the particles, so it would be impossible for the plugin I wrote to stop the snow in game.

I will probably release the new map and AMXX plugin sometime next week.

2 thoughts on “MecklenburgV_Rain (Final)

  1. Its nice to see a final development for this map, I am sure it will be used this coming summer for another season in TSRP

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