Oc_Nerv Gets a Second Level

After everything on Oc_nerv was said and done, I still wasn’t satisfied with the ending.  During testing, I saw a lot of confusion about the sudden end of the map.  So, I decided I would continue the map in the second level. The second level isn’t planned to be big.  As far as what I have planned for the map so far, I don’t have much.  I’m still debating on whether I should make a sequel to the map and then release it as a whole, or just release what I have now and add the sequel later.  In any case, that’s where Oc_nerv is right now.

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CerberusV4B4 Released!

I’ve had this map for quite some time. For a while, I only hosted the map on a listen server privately and I only had the real copy.  I’m now releasing it to the community after the decision to release MecklenburgV Rain.

This version of Cerberus was the pinnacle of my mapping in TSRP.

You can download the map and all of its files – Cerberus Version 4

Drop by the Cerberus Page to learn the history behind the development of the Cerberus.

As far as Oc_Nerv is concerned, I will be releasing it on an “as done” basis.  Right now I was debating on making the map longer.

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MecklenburgV_RainB8 Released

MecklenburgV_Rain Beta 8 is finally out! This map was done quite a while ago but I debated on releasing this to the TSRP community for quite some time now.  The reason I didn’t want to do it is that I really want to move on from TSRP. This map adds several changes  like the addition of rain, more compatibility with day/night mode, and several fixes/additions.  You can read what’s exactly added in this version over on the official page, anyways, you can download the map here.

Send me feedback on the map over steam or my E-mail! I do like getting feedback.  Keep in mind that I will not release the RMF for Mecklenburg due to past engagements and this is the last version of Mecklenburg I will do.

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An Update on OC_Nerv

Well, Nerv is completly done for the most part, all I need to do now is just bugfixes and fixing up minor graphical issues.   I’ll be running closed Beta tests and then it will be released to the public.  I might even get it out before the month deadline.

Today I fixed up all of the custom weapons as well as added a few bonus events and 2 custom weapons.  I also fixed some of the balance issues present with the weapons.  The current list of weapons are the following:

  1. M4A1
  2. Raging Bull
  3. Beretta
  4. MP7
  5. MK23
  6. MP5n
  7. Gauss Gun
  8. Grenades

3 of the above weapons cannot be equipped by everybody.  The NPCs use a G36 with high damage rates.


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Oc_Nerv on Schedule

I’ve been working on Oc_nerv here and there, perfecting some shaders on the custom textures I made as well as some bug fixing with the scripted weapons.  The entire map is playable and with custom HUD waypoints. I’ve added in all of the details I wanted to use and currently debugging the map. At this point I could still add in voice acting bits, but I am still unsure of adding them as of this moment.

The map will end with a “To be continued..” However, currently there is no sequel planned.

Still expect a release at the end of the month if everything keeps going as smooth as it has been.

I’ll post later today with in game screen shots.

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The Sad Fate of Oc_Nerv

Due to mapping constraints, I will end up releasing Oc_Nerv as an “as is” map when I’m done scripting out the rest of the scenarios and custom hexed weapons.  I still need to optimize it, but my guess is that we’ll see some release by the end of May.

So what does “as is” entail?

  • No voice acting
  • Several parts cut short
  • Planned ending cut from map
  • Refrained use of details
  • Deletion of some custom weapons
  • Deletion of some NPCs
  • Scrapping of several ideas such as difficulties mode

But if you haven’t been following Oc_Nerv, this is the current flow of the map, and likely to see final release.

  1. Player(s) start off in Central Dogma and are ordered to defend it.
  2. After defending, players are ordered down to Terminal Dogma for further instructions.
  3. The elevator power runs out on the office level, the new objective is to access Gendou’s office, find his key card, then the switch to the axillary elevator to terminal dogma.
  4. Arrive and defend Terminal Dogma.
  5. Navigate the air ducts to Level 2 (Solve 1 puzzle and take on a chopper)
  6. Get to Level 3 (solve a puzzle, see familiar Evangelion scenes)
  7. Get to Level 14(takes an elevator that breaks and crashes into water)
  8. Escape from elevator and get the the train!(Solve a puzzle and move on to lobby)
  9. 120 seconds to fend off people in lobby and get to train. Train can only start when all NPCs are dead and the player presses the button in the time.
  10. Escape from Nerv!
  11. End of map.

The map is fairly difficult playing by myself due to the high weapon damages and low ammo. Gameplay is very linear, and the map geometry could use some work.

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Nerv News

Finally some news on my Obsidian Conflict map, Oc_Nerv!  Oc_Nerv is pretty much done, I have all of the geometry mapped out as well as the puzzles, textures, BGM, and scripted weapons made.  The only thing that really needs to be done is the SFX, addition of some GFX, and the script(along with the voice acting).  Besides that, the map is pretty much done, I expect to see it out in a few weeks after some internal beta testing.  It will be released on my website, and maybe an obsidian conflict server if I get the hosting.

I was thinking about making different difficulties, where the player would have to buy weapons and earn them as well as an after game score with different endings.To be honest, I’d rather think about this when I have the map completed.

Enough of my rambling, here’s  some new screenshots:

-Past this point are map spoilers-

The map went over several revisions ever since the last period of time I really worked on it.  In this revision, I made the map shorter.  I cut out Selee’s headquarters and made the train leading there
the ending. Third impact occurs at the end of the map, but if your smart enough, you and your team won’t die.

The bullet damage is very realistic, the guns I’ve included in the map are the G36, M4a1, Remington, MP7, Beretta, and MK23.  The custom ammos included are 5.56MM, 9MM, 4.6MM, and .45ACP.  The Mk23 was Misato’s gun in The End of Evangelion, so it’s only in one spot.  The damages are very high to the player and the NPCs.  I have to say the friendly NPC’s die like flies.

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Mesa is here!

Mesa was an unfinished project I did back in 2006. The map doesn’t have any residential bits in it because I never finished it.  I had areas planned, but I didn’t like the design of the map and stopped mapping it.

The map contains:

  • Bar
  • Hotel
  • Church
  • Diner
  • Walmart
  • PD
  • MD
  • Park
  • Bank
  • Gunshop
  • unfinished buildings

Well for you TSRP people, enjoy mesa_a2.

As for the source code for this map, I might release it when I get all of the files together.

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Site’s got Shaunsville!

Well cream gravy! My website now has a completed edition of all versions of my TSRP map, Shaunsville!

The mega pack of Shaunsville comes with the following versions:

  • Shaunsville Beta 3
  • Shaunsville Beta 3 Version 6
  • Shaunsville Beta 4 Version 3
  • Shaunsville Beta 4 Version 6
  • Shaunsville Beta 4 Version 9
  • Shaunsville Beta 5 Version 7
  • Shaunsville Beta 7 Version 3

And their dependencies! I will release the source for all of these maps as well, I just need to get the wads together.

You could check out the section here and download the megapack here.

In other news, I pretty much filled in all of the information on all of the other maps I did, I’ll start uploading the other stuff in a bit.

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MecklenburgV — Online, Well sort of.

The entire mecklenburgV section of the website has been finished(for them most part)! Go and check it out if you want to learn the difference between some of the versions and the history behind some versions.  Currently I don’t have any of the maps listed up for download yet, I was going to finish my other map profiles and then fill in the links later.  Check back sometime soon and I’ll have all the versions listed uploaded.

The current plan was that there was going to be a “Full MecklenburgV pack” that contained all of the MecklenburgV maps that were released. All of them use the same files, so the files would be separated into a Mecklenburg Base pack and the seperate download links for all of the MecklenburgV maps.

I won’t be releasing the source code for any of the MeckV maps for personal and legal reasons, so don’t ask me for it, however, I will be releasing the shaunsville source when I get to that section.  I’ll be releasing all of the versions.

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