Site’s got Shaunsville!

Well cream gravy! My website now has a completed edition of all versions of my TSRP map, Shaunsville!

The mega pack of Shaunsville comes with the following versions:

  • Shaunsville Beta 3
  • Shaunsville Beta 3 Version 6
  • Shaunsville Beta 4 Version 3
  • Shaunsville Beta 4 Version 6
  • Shaunsville Beta 4 Version 9
  • Shaunsville Beta 5 Version 7
  • Shaunsville Beta 7 Version 3

And their dependencies! I will release the source for all of these maps as well, I just need to get the wads together.

You could check out the section here and download the megapack here.

In other news, I pretty much filled in all of the information on all of the other maps I did, I’ll start uploading the other stuff in a bit.

2 thoughts on “Site’s got Shaunsville!

  1. I truly liked this map back in the days, even though it wasn’t completely polished. There was so much personality and lots of buildings. 🙂

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