MecklenburgV — Online, Well sort of.

The entire mecklenburgV section of the website has been finished(for them most part)! Go and check it out if you want to learn the difference between some of the versions and the history behind some versions.  Currently I don’t have any of the maps listed up for download yet, I was going to finish my other map profiles and then fill in the links later.  Check back sometime soon and I’ll have all the versions listed uploaded.

The current plan was that there was going to be a “Full MecklenburgV pack” that contained all of the MecklenburgV maps that were released. All of them use the same files, so the files would be separated into a Mecklenburg Base pack and the seperate download links for all of the MecklenburgV maps.

I won’t be releasing the source code for any of the MeckV maps for personal and legal reasons, so don’t ask me for it, however, I will be releasing the shaunsville source when I get to that section.  I’ll be releasing all of the versions.

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