The Sad Fate of Oc_Nerv

Due to mapping constraints, I will end up releasing Oc_Nerv as an “as is” map when I’m done scripting out the rest of the scenarios and custom hexed weapons.  I still need to optimize it, but my guess is that we’ll see some release by the end of May.

So what does “as is” entail?

  • No voice acting
  • Several parts cut short
  • Planned ending cut from map
  • Refrained use of details
  • Deletion of some custom weapons
  • Deletion of some NPCs
  • Scrapping of several ideas such as difficulties mode

But if you haven’t been following Oc_Nerv, this is the current flow of the map, and likely to see final release.

  1. Player(s) start off in Central Dogma and are ordered to defend it.
  2. After defending, players are ordered down to Terminal Dogma for further instructions.
  3. The elevator power runs out on the office level, the new objective is to access Gendou’s office, find his key card, then the switch to the axillary elevator to terminal dogma.
  4. Arrive and defend Terminal Dogma.
  5. Navigate the air ducts to Level 2 (Solve 1 puzzle and take on a chopper)
  6. Get to Level 3 (solve a puzzle, see familiar Evangelion scenes)
  7. Get to Level 14(takes an elevator that breaks and crashes into water)
  8. Escape from elevator and get the the train!(Solve a puzzle and move on to lobby)
  9. 120 seconds to fend off people in lobby and get to train. Train can only start when all NPCs are dead and the player presses the button in the time.
  10. Escape from Nerv!
  11. End of map.

The map is fairly difficult playing by myself due to the high weapon damages and low ammo. Gameplay is very linear, and the map geometry could use some work.

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