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Finally some news on my Obsidian Conflict map, Oc_Nerv!  Oc_Nerv is pretty much done, I have all of the geometry mapped out as well as the puzzles, textures, BGM, and scripted weapons made.  The only thing that really needs to be done is the SFX, addition of some GFX, and the script(along with the voice acting).  Besides that, the map is pretty much done, I expect to see it out in a few weeks after some internal beta testing.  It will be released on my website, and maybe an obsidian conflict server if I get the hosting.

I was thinking about making different difficulties, where the player would have to buy weapons and earn them as well as an after game score with different endings.To be honest, I’d rather think about this when I have the map completed.

Enough of my rambling, here’s  some new screenshots:

-Past this point are map spoilers-

The map went over several revisions ever since the last period of time I really worked on it.  In this revision, I made the map shorter.  I cut out Selee’s headquarters and made the train leading there
the ending. Third impact occurs at the end of the map, but if your smart enough, you and your team won’t die.

The bullet damage is very realistic, the guns I’ve included in the map are the G36, M4a1, Remington, MP7, Beretta, and MK23.  The custom ammos included are 5.56MM, 9MM, 4.6MM, and .45ACP.  The Mk23 was Misato’s gun in The End of Evangelion, so it’s only in one spot.  The damages are very high to the player and the NPCs.  I have to say the friendly NPC’s die like flies.

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