Oc_Nerv A Released!

Nerv A was the first campaign of the NERV set of maps. It’s mostly likely the last considering what type of feedback I’ll get on it.

Oc_nerva banner

I wanted to personally thank the people on the Obsidian Conflict forums for bugging me to finish this map.

Description: NervA takes place during the sequence of events of the popular anime movie, The End of Evangelion. Players find themselves working as NERV personnel in Central Dogma and their mission is to defend NERV headquarters until the bitter end. The commander of your squad however, may have a different goal in mind.

Requirements: Obsidian Conflict and Counter Strike: Source, only found testing stable at 4 people.
This map only uses some materials and weapons from CSS, I’ve had testruns where people didn’t have CSS, and were perfectly able to play the map, while missing some sounds and having some purple circus.


  1. Around 8 scripted weapons and custom ammo
  2. custom skins for Nerv and Combine forces
  3. Puzzles that don’t require Co-Op
  4. Co-Op Gameplay
  5. Tons of Custom Materials
  6. A one hour campaign
  7. Based in the Evangelion Universe
  8. Tons of custom SFX and BGM
  9. Certain Events differ on Gameplay
  10. Scoring system and grade system at the end of the map
  11. Hardcore Mode
  12. Difficult end bosses
  13. Familiar scenes
  14. Hard as balls gameplay

Known Bugs: Some mis-materialed surfaces and minor bugs.


Credits: In game

Please be sure to give me feedback on the map, you can do it in this thread, via E-mail([email protected]) or post in the thread here OC forums.

It sure was a lot of fun working on this map, sorry I couldn’t get this thing out sooner.

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Oc_Nerv on hold for a while (Again)

So I’ve started school already and boy is college work hard!

In my spare time, I pretty much mapped new parts in the upcoming OC_NervB.  To be honest, some of it is to be impressed about, but nothing really to pitch for an entire map.  I more or less stopped because I was a little discouraged from all of the work in my classes and lackluster design+vague ideas I had for the map.  I also came to a halt from the lack of enthusiasm I had for the map.

This was until I had a huge jump of enthusiasm to do a map I’ve always wanted to do, a Japanese styled RP Source map.

I’ll show more screenshots when they become available.  Also, I’ll post some screenshots of what I had done on Oc_NervB.  What might happen is that  might release NervA as is.  It has a very anti-climactic ending and bugs here and there, but who cares?  Better than sitting on my HD.

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Oc_Nerv Gets a Second Level

After everything on Oc_nerv was said and done, I still wasn’t satisfied with the ending.  During testing, I saw a lot of confusion about the sudden end of the map.  So, I decided I would continue the map in the second level. The second level isn’t planned to be big.  As far as what I have planned for the map so far, I don’t have much.  I’m still debating on whether I should make a sequel to the map and then release it as a whole, or just release what I have now and add the sequel later.  In any case, that’s where Oc_nerv is right now.

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An Update on OC_Nerv

Well, Nerv is completly done for the most part, all I need to do now is just bugfixes and fixing up minor graphical issues.   I’ll be running closed Beta tests and then it will be released to the public.  I might even get it out before the month deadline.

Today I fixed up all of the custom weapons as well as added a few bonus events and 2 custom weapons.  I also fixed some of the balance issues present with the weapons.  The current list of weapons are the following:

  1. M4A1
  2. Raging Bull
  3. Beretta
  4. MP7
  5. MK23
  6. MP5n
  7. Gauss Gun
  8. Grenades

3 of the above weapons cannot be equipped by everybody.  The NPCs use a G36 with high damage rates.


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Oc_Nerv on Schedule

I’ve been working on Oc_nerv here and there, perfecting some shaders on the custom textures I made as well as some bug fixing with the scripted weapons.  The entire map is playable and with custom HUD waypoints. I’ve added in all of the details I wanted to use and currently debugging the map. At this point I could still add in voice acting bits, but I am still unsure of adding them as of this moment.

The map will end with a “To be continued..” However, currently there is no sequel planned.

Still expect a release at the end of the month if everything keeps going as smooth as it has been.

I’ll post later today with in game screen shots.

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The Sad Fate of Oc_Nerv

Due to mapping constraints, I will end up releasing Oc_Nerv as an “as is” map when I’m done scripting out the rest of the scenarios and custom hexed weapons.  I still need to optimize it, but my guess is that we’ll see some release by the end of May.

So what does “as is” entail?

  • No voice acting
  • Several parts cut short
  • Planned ending cut from map
  • Refrained use of details
  • Deletion of some custom weapons
  • Deletion of some NPCs
  • Scrapping of several ideas such as difficulties mode

But if you haven’t been following Oc_Nerv, this is the current flow of the map, and likely to see final release.

  1. Player(s) start off in Central Dogma and are ordered to defend it.
  2. After defending, players are ordered down to Terminal Dogma for further instructions.
  3. The elevator power runs out on the office level, the new objective is to access Gendou’s office, find his key card, then the switch to the axillary elevator to terminal dogma.
  4. Arrive and defend Terminal Dogma.
  5. Navigate the air ducts to Level 2 (Solve 1 puzzle and take on a chopper)
  6. Get to Level 3 (solve a puzzle, see familiar Evangelion scenes)
  7. Get to Level 14(takes an elevator that breaks and crashes into water)
  8. Escape from elevator and get the the train!(Solve a puzzle and move on to lobby)
  9. 120 seconds to fend off people in lobby and get to train. Train can only start when all NPCs are dead and the player presses the button in the time.
  10. Escape from Nerv!
  11. End of map.

The map is fairly difficult playing by myself due to the high weapon damages and low ammo. Gameplay is very linear, and the map geometry could use some work.

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Nerv News

Finally some news on my Obsidian Conflict map, Oc_Nerv!  Oc_Nerv is pretty much done, I have all of the geometry mapped out as well as the puzzles, textures, BGM, and scripted weapons made.  The only thing that really needs to be done is the SFX, addition of some GFX, and the script(along with the voice acting).  Besides that, the map is pretty much done, I expect to see it out in a few weeks after some internal beta testing.  It will be released on my website, and maybe an obsidian conflict server if I get the hosting.

I was thinking about making different difficulties, where the player would have to buy weapons and earn them as well as an after game score with different endings.To be honest, I’d rather think about this when I have the map completed.

Enough of my rambling, here’s  some new screenshots:

-Past this point are map spoilers-

The map went over several revisions ever since the last period of time I really worked on it.  In this revision, I made the map shorter.  I cut out Selee’s headquarters and made the train leading there
the ending. Third impact occurs at the end of the map, but if your smart enough, you and your team won’t die.

The bullet damage is very realistic, the guns I’ve included in the map are the G36, M4a1, Remington, MP7, Beretta, and MK23.  The custom ammos included are 5.56MM, 9MM, 4.6MM, and .45ACP.  The Mk23 was Misato’s gun in The End of Evangelion, so it’s only in one spot.  The damages are very high to the player and the NPCs.  I have to say the friendly NPC’s die like flies.

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