An Update on OC_Nerv

Well, Nerv is completly done for the most part, all I need to do now is just bugfixes and fixing up minor graphical issues.   I’ll be running closed Beta tests and then it will be released to the public.  I might even get it out before the month deadline.

Today I fixed up all of the custom weapons as well as added a few bonus events and 2 custom weapons.  I also fixed some of the balance issues present with the weapons.  The current list of weapons are the following:

  1. M4A1
  2. Raging Bull
  3. Beretta
  4. MP7
  5. MK23
  6. MP5n
  7. Gauss Gun
  8. Grenades

3 of the above weapons cannot be equipped by everybody.  The NPCs use a G36 with high damage rates.


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