Oc_Nerv on hold for a while (Again)

So I’ve started school already and boy is college work hard!

In my spare time, I pretty much mapped new parts in the upcoming OC_NervB.  To be honest, some of it is to be impressed about, but nothing really to pitch for an entire map.  I more or less stopped because I was a little discouraged from all of the work in my classes and lackluster design+vague ideas I had for the map.  I also came to a halt from the lack of enthusiasm I had for the map.

This was until I had a huge jump of enthusiasm to do a map I’ve always wanted to do, a Japanese styled RP Source map.

I’ll show more screenshots when they become available.  Also, I’ll post some screenshots of what I had done on Oc_NervB.  What might happen is that  might release NervA as is.  It has a very anti-climactic ending and bugs here and there, but who cares?  Better than sitting on my HD.

One thought on “Oc_Nerv on hold for a while (Again)

  1. I love you, FJMaps. This guy is the most pro mapper i’ve ever seen. With so much detail put into his maps, one could easily assume this man works for valve. he doesn’t though, and that makes him 100x more boss.

    keep up the extraordinary work.

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