The Harbuware Role-Play Cerberus was an original map done by myself. The original map went live on the HWRP server on Saturday, January 12, 2008, 2:58:40 AM under the name hrp_cerberus_B1.

Pre-design phase:

In late august, I came across a mod called zombie master. This specific mod contained the ability to set traps, and this intrigued me.  I started coming up with ideas to make a map on the mod.  First was a mall, the idea was scrapped eventually. Second came the idea for a space ship.  I started designing the space ship almost immediately for my love of sci-fi.  B-welk came on Teamspeak and had the idea to bring a space ship type role-play to TSRP.  I thought the idea was very unique and followed it through in October when I gave up the project for zombie master.

Design Phase:

The map first started out on source with no initial plans.  I then decided to move it to TSRP.  I started first by making a hallway scheme. I liked it, so I began the original sketches. One day, I finished most of all the rough sketches, and began production.

The original sketches of the map were not very detailed, but they contained all of the planned decks.  The only deck that wasn’t designed accordingly was the Engineering deck. The Engineering deck was mostly designed off of spur of the moment design.  Mostly I like it because the cargo bays looked awesome in the end.

Most of the inspiration of the design of the ships came from various sci-fi shows.  The main ones are scene from the Engine room as it looks like the one from Enterprise (The newer star-trek series).  Another inspiration could be scene from the pod design in the cargo bay.  Most of the rest I thought up by myself.  However, I was mostly inspired by System Shock 2 (as you can see Xerxes from the Rebirth mod).

This map is my favorite because there were hardly any constraints on the design I could do.  This is hands down my best, most detailed map.


I would like to thank HWRP| for being the community for Cerberus.
I would like to thank B-welk for the outstanding idea of the type of role-play.
I would like to thank the RS clan for rooting me on for the whole time.




Official Change log

Alpha Build 1 11.20.07    private example
This build consisted of a basic bridge (Br – A00) and a simple hallway. It also contained a very basic armory. For 3 days of mapping, it was a nice start. It also contained a broken trigger sequence of a master switch that was failed.

Alpha build 2 11.21.07    Test
This build fixes the trigger with the master sequence, it also fixes the windows respawnings.

Alpha build 3 11.24.07  Private Example of it.
This build added B deck, there are no custom textures in this build, besides the shafts. This build shows how the ‘grav shaft’ tech can be used and applied.
This build  series adds and perfects particle effects in the grav shafts.

Alpha build 4 11.27.07    Test
This build finnishes b deck and some other recources on A deck.
Grav shaft is synced with sound
Custom textures are constructed and distributed on B deck.
C deck plans are redrawn.
Security station on B deck is left unfinnished.

Alpha build 5 12.3.07    Test
Mall shell completed!
Twitches pub is the only bar in the entire place.

Alpha build 6 12.15.07    Test
C deck is half done.
F deck is half done.

Alpha build 7 12.25.07    Test

Decks are done cept F deck.

Bridge is reconstructed (Br – B00) and is implemented! (Br – B01)*

Oh, it looks like I ran out of leaves and must seal all the space between the decks.

Tests are ran to prove how to reduce leaves. Results is applied.

*The reason I name the bridge is that the bridge will have many different types of switches and buttons.  Whenever the bridge changes, so does the version of the bridge, right now, it has taken form B Version 01.

Alpha build 8 12.26.07    Test

Failed Build, I was trying to be lazy and tried something that didn’t make sence

Alpha build 9 12.27.07   Test

Wouldn’t even compile, didn’t work, stupid idea that wasted a day.

Alpha build 10 12.29.07  Test
Great idea, fixed all leaks, alpha 11 is a private test, not personal.
The release candidates are Ironunseen, Postawa, Kilroy, B-welk, YouknowWho, Thebeeman, and the rest of the RS Crew.

Alpha build 11 12.29.07 Private invitation only
last alpha before beta.
contains newer method of map’s skybox
Contains lots of bugs due to the map not being complete

Beta build 1  12.30.07 More widly distributed

Engineering completed
most bugs found in this version.

Version 1 1.5.08

Private server release,
Several bugs, just technical bugs

Version 1.1 1.7.08
Bug fixes

Version 1.7 1.10.08
Added in Newer bank on C deck.

Version 2.0 6.17.09  -Beta Test version-
I’ve decided to pick up the project again.  This time I’m going to add several things the original map failed to contain, certain things like a hyperspace jump. I plan to add more effects into this version.  I took out the space bar to add to resources available. Currently I’m looking for the original wad file I had to complete the project.  This is where I came across this dev log.

Version 3.0 6.21.09 B1+B2  -Beta test- RC:(Kilroy, Gizmo, Funjob, Madoif)
Fixed Hyperspace Glitch
Added Hyperspace FX
Added Voice audio clips of Kilroy.
Took out Garden
Added in the Bar with stage.
Tried to fix “Nodraw” glitch over by the Bar.  I’ll have to try a hint brush to split the damn thing.

This newer build contained added features that are honestly too much to list here.  Mostly I sparked up some textures and added more Special Fx. I also added the color change of lights in F and B deck when red alert is activated.  Pretty much that and fix up stuff.

This test ran at approx. 8:00 Pm -8Gmt. It mostly was a success build because I had gained more leaves from the bar.

In the next version, I plan to add in better grav Shaft support on E deck.  Also, I was thinking of a grassy area when using the teleporter.  However, I plan to add small shafts all around the ship so I doubt that will be possible.

Version 4.0 7.20.09 B1+B2 -Beta tests- RC: Kilroy, Stevenlafl

re textured entire map
changed hyperspace
fixed up bar
took out twitch’s pub
redesigned signs on F deck
redid the engine room