Hrp_Cerberus_V4 cerberusV4 got its start from a thread made by itsalati, who decided to make an alternate version of Cerberus, I’d check it out people because it’s really well done.  This sparked some inspiration to redo several aspects of the map, like the textures and minor design, to make a better hrp_cerberus.  First, I added buttons to the bridge to go into hyperspace and some FX on the ship.  Steven got aboard and then made some plugins for the map, making ‘steve’ the computer and other functions like assignable rooms.

Major Changes

  • Redid all textures on the ship
  • Added different custom signs
  • Added meeting room on A deck
  • Added bulkeads to all the major decks
  • Redid the Engine Room
  • Took out Garden and replaced it with a bar
  • Took out pub and replaced it with Deficit spending vending
  • Added in bank
  • Added in Office
  • Fixed up circus of values
  • Added Hyperspace function
  • Added Maintenance shafts
  • Fixed several bugs
  • Redid lighting system

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Hrp_Cerberus Mega Pack

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