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Hrp_Cerberus_B1 was the first map to be released in the Cerberus Project.  This map went live on the HWRP server on Sunday, January 13, 2008, 12:54:46 PM.


  • Works with any role-play AMX plugin under TS
  • contains 5 decks, A,B,C,F,E
  • A Deck is the bridge and armory
  • B Deck contained Med, Sci, Galley, and Security Station
  • C Deck (Rec Deck) contained a shopping mall(Bar, bank, Circus of values)  workout facilities and a garden.
  • F deck contained crew quarters and security hub
  • E Deck contained engineering and cargo bays
  • Gravity Shafts to navigate between levels
  • 24 individual crew quarters rooms
  • Interactive Engine
  • Animated Screens
  • Custom signs
  • mostly default HL1 textures
  • Huge ship bridge
  • Lots of windows on ship
  • Brig and high tech security station
  • Dressing rooms, locker rooms, and bathrooms for both sexes
  • Twitches pub from Westport
  • Freight elevator leading to E deck along with Grav Shafts
  • Staircase leading to F deck from C deck.


View more screenshots of Hrp_Cerberus V1, V4, and Development of the map.



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