Westport was a side project when I was doing mecklenburg.  Most of the people in HWRP were tired of Mecklenburg and wanted something different.  The choices I offered were Cerberus and Westport.  Westport was modeled after an old fishing town in the eastern cost.  The major point of the map was that it was supposed to offer a sort of timeless role-play as well as a variety while keeping the familiarity of a city. The map would contain old and new parts but would be ambigious in when the current time was.  It could be the early 1900, prohibition era, or even modern day.  Westport was planned on being split up into 3 maps, Residental, Commercial, and Island.  Residental was supposed to contain houses and stuff you’d find in a small village.  The island was a get away for people who wanted to role-play something that wouldn’t work in the confines of a city.  The commercial sector was the city region.  The downside is that the map was never completed.  Only the Commercial sector and island remain partly completed.

Current Status:

Dead Project



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