Project Mesa is an unfinished alpha map that I created quite some time ago.  Originally its development was started by me and the owner of Hb-Gaming, Whitey. The project was called Mesa because I live in a city called mesa.

Mesa was ment to be a change in the way of TSRP by having neighborhoods of at least 10 houses.  However, I realized that having that amount of houses would limit the design and other factors of the map. Because of that, I stopped working on the map.  Currently there is one hotel room and no apartments or houses.

A lot of the map wasn’t really ever finished, a ton of the areas planned like apartments and offices were never made.

Currently, the only version that was released was Alpha_2.   Some of the content in this map was directly cloned from Shaunsville, like the PD.  However, the church and bar in this map became the church and bar in Mecklenburgv5_A5.  Originally Postawa made some of the bar and I completed and textured it.

Project Status:

Stopped/Pending – Check blog for more information




Mesa A3+A2 Source Code and WADS