Shaunsville was my first released map.  The first map, Shaunsville_B3 was released on Thursday, August 25, 2005, 10:29:10 PM on HWRP. The map was pretty bad looking at my earliest betas.  Shaunsville really had no planning whatsoever, and was drastically changed on a whim.  The map went through several phases, and finally ended up as Shaunsville_B7v3, the final version.

Originally, the map had a different design.  The whole map was designed around a simple loop, but then I reorganized the map at around B3.  Each beta has major revisions, from a mall to houses, each map was vastly different in the original design of buildings.


  • Bank
  • Bar
  • Diner
  • Apartments
  • MD
  • office building
  • Hideouts

Check the Individual updates for specific changes



——–Unreleased versions———

Shaunsville Beta 1

Shaunsville Beta 2

——Released Versions———

Shaunsville Beta 3

Shaunsville Beta 3 Version 6

Shaunsville Beta 4 Version 3

Shaunsville Beta 4 Version 6

Shaunsville Beta 4 Version 9

Shaunsville Beta 5 Version 7

Shaunsville Beta 7 Version 3


Shaunsville Mega Pack (Includes all released versions and file dependencies)

Shaunsville Mega Source Pack (Includes all of the source files for all versions of Shaunsville and WADs)