Simi Valley


Another awe inspiring map by the Rickler.  The buildings are mostly clones from Mecklenburg, but Simi Valley has some nice houses and the town center from the actual town.  I always thought this map was just an excuse for the rickler to make his own house or something.  This map pack just contains Simi_Valley_Final.  I’ve had other versions of the map, but I really don’t know where they went. My old Ts 2.1 folder died a few years back, so this is all that’s left.

For you people running TS3.0, these maps were made when TS 2.1 was out.  Back then, the game had used less precaches.  All of these maps go over the 512 limit. Because of that, you will need AMX mod with some sort of unprecache mod in order to play these maps.  Lucky for you, I still have mine that Harbu made in 2006, you can download that below.  You install this plugin with AMXX.  Just drop it in the plugins folder and add hrp_precache to the end of your plugins.ini.  From there, the plugin automatically works. The side effect is that it turns all pickupable weapon models into vests.


Harbu Precach mod