Obsidian Conflict – Moon

Oc_moon was basically a more true to heart Harvest moon type Co-op map.  Most of the design elements were based off of Oc_Harvest.  The map’s name was made Moon to complete the Harvest.

Moon got it’s start because I was more or less inspired by Oc_Harvest to make my own type of harvest map.  The map began development as a co-op with a peer developer, Postawa, and we both planned out and designed the map contents.  Postawa later dropped from the project because of schooling and I continued the project for over one year before I stopped.  Currently, the map exists as a test map for my displacements and I/O systems.  This map will never be released as I doubt I’ll ever finish it.

This map is currently in Development Hell, check back at the main page blog for more information regaurding Project Moon.


  • Harvest type game mode
  • Used wood and points as currency
  • Same town and landscape layout as Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
  • Contained Animals Cows and Chickens
  • Cooking I/O system
  • House upgrade system/Farm upgrade
  • Stamina system (Inc. Eating food and Sleeping overnight)
  • Day/night mode
  • Working house objects(Tv,Radio, bathtub, sink, clock)
  • Storage system
  • Teleport system
  • Blacksmith upgrading weapons system
  • Mining system
  • Fishing System
  • Natural Respawn system
  • Vendor Times
  • Day of the week and callender system
  • Weather modes (Including Rain, and Disaster mode)
  • Field Degeneration

Only half of these features were constructed, but all these were planned and I/O systems laid out.



Source Code