Obsidian Conflict – Nerv

I wanted to personally thank the people on the Obsidian Conflict forums for bugging me to finish this map.

Description: NervA takes place during the sequence of events of the popular anime movie, The End of Evangelion. Players find themselves working as NERV personnel in Central Dogma and their mission is to defend NERV headquarters until the bitter end. The commander of your squad however, may have a different goal in mind.

Requirements: Obsidian Conflict and Counter Strike: Source, only found testing stable at 4 people.
This map only uses some materials and weapons from CSS, I’ve had testruns where people didn’t have CSS, and were perfectly able to play the map, while missing some sounds and having some purple circus.


  1. Around 8 scripted weapons and custom ammo
  2. custom skins for Nerv and Combine forces
  3. Puzzles that don’t require Co-Op
  4. Co-Op Gameplay
  5. Tons of Custom Materials
  6. A one hour campaign
  7. Based in the Evangelion Universe
  8. Tons of custom SFX and BGM
  9. Certain Events differ on Gameplay
  10. Scoring system and grade system at the end of the map
  11. Hardcore Mode
  12. Difficult end bosses
  13. Familiar scenes
  14. Hard as balls gameplay

Known Bugs: Some mis-materialed surfaces and minor bugs.

Credits: In game