Son of a Beach

Just a little update on Rp_Nippon.

Pretty much worked on the beach and several other parts, you can really see parts where I reference animes in this.

Is from Clannad.  I really loved the ambiance present in Clannad where it generates a small village feel, but it does it so with so much green and terrain.  Presenting this mix in the map will be costly and time consuming, but I think it really helps generate an ambiance.

This is from AIR, another Key anime.  You can see the inspiration I had from this image is in how to present the transition between the ocean and the city.  It really has an intresting mix of old vs. new in the presentation of the ocean town in AIR.

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Project Nippon

So, what is RP_Nippon?
Rp_Nippon will be an exclusive map for the RP server we’ll be running.  Nippon is actually the codename for the project and will not be the final name when the map is done/in beta. Simply, the map is a role-play map with an extensive building list and large amount of features.

Where is this map?
RP_Nippon takes places in modern day Japan on the coast. The exact location is not based off of anything specifically, thus it could take shape in southern or northern japan.

Why Japan?
Well, I’ll admit that it does have a little to do from watching so much anime, but I was more or less inspired to make the designs based from the shows.  I could easily design buildings and interiors that are typically Japanese because I’ve watched so much.  In fact, most of the building designs and layouts are actually a mix of my own personal design, some building from an anime, and real Japanese architecture. Even though I justify my design off of just because of anime, I also wanted to bring the role-players where somewhere they havn’t been before to excite the role-play.  Having a cool environment topped with a different culture would make RP have more spice to it.  I believe having just another city, would be dull and boring.

But I can’t read Japanese! Won’t that ruin the experience of signs?
I’ll probably make two packs including Romanji names as well as Kanji.

What’s the map going to be like?
The map currently has 4 main areas:

  • The Beach
  • Main street
  • Residential
  • Business/Downtown.

Each of these areas will contain buildings and connect to the Main street district.  I plan to gradually rise buildings as you head from the beach area.  Giving both a small fishing town feeling next to a large corporate epicenter.  I also plan on having houses, but due to constraints, I might not be able to deliver.

So what’s the building list?
As of Alpha 2, the building list is:
{Denotes inspiration from}
Residential district:

  • Houses X6 (Ranging from small to large) {Various Animes}
  • Restaurant (Classical Japanese, small ramen shop?) {Undecided}
  • Good Apartments (Probably 5 – 10 of them) {Minami-Ke}
  • Park {Clannad}

Beach Area:

  • Small smoke shop {Darker than BLACK}
  • Small Store {Lamune}
  • ambiance {AIR}

Main Street

  • Grocery Store {Kanon}
  • Small Clothing Store {Hayate the Combat Butler}
  • Electronics store {Haruhi}
  • Arcade {GTO}
  • Pachinko {GTO/Clannad}
  • Bread Shop {Yakitate Japan}
  • Hobby Store {Genshiken}
  • Cafe {Angel Mort from Higurashi}

Business sector (Downtown)

  • 2 Very large buildings
  • 2 medium sized
  • 3-5 smaller

Following are in these buildings:

  • Bar {Bartender, Eden Hall}
  • Hotel {Original}
  • PD
  • MD {Clannad}
  • Bank
  • Public Bath {Mahoromatic}
  • Gas Station
  • Furniture Store
  • Bad apartments {Welcome to the NHK}
  • High end Restaurant {Witch Hunter Robin}
  • parking garage
  • Department Store
  • Fast food place

Alright, cool, when will it be done?
It’s done when it’s done.  I go to school and attend engineering courses, so I map whenever I have time and inspiration.  I take it the map will be in beta in probably 4 months going at the current rate right now. I do have times where I work on the map a lot, and weeks where I don’t even touch the files, so it really varies.  You can always check my work in the status thread, or on my blog.

Can I help make the map?
Short answer, contact me over steam.  I am willing to form a team to make this map because it’s going to take a long time if I don’t.  But I expect fellow developers to be active and have past experience before even attempting to contact me on this map.  I already have an SVN up that I add to daily for just my maps and RP_Nippon is manifested according to the new SE2009 system, so having another person working on the project won’t be very difficult.  Also, don’t bother trying to join as a ‘tester.’

Can I test when you begin releasing alphas?
No, I have my own testing team already.

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